16 June 2017

The Oval Portrait

My next project will be Edgar Allen Poe's The Oval Portrait. 

I have to make three characters but I might modify one from a Lovecraft animation to save time. No synchronized dialogue in this one but 4 set pieces I will try to make a little less detailed and easier to render. It does take place an a recently abandoned manor afterall. There won't be tons of furniture etc to make. The will be a female in a large dress as  challenge and I might try some more advanced texture painting on the people.

Of course first I have to get the narration recorded and work out more of the details with lighting and mood. So here are a few images of the sets so far. There will be the long shots of the manor (maybe a tower as well), the hallway of paintings, the bedroom that contains the titular oval portrait and the artist's studio in the tower.

Clicking on the images will bring up larger version for anyone interested. 


T' said...

I really like the doll house like feeling of the sets. Interesting paintings you chose; two self portraits, a Rembrandt and a Picasso! They actually look better there than in my closet. :"D I wonder if you might push the whole puppet thing on this one? I know I suggested that before, but it might add a kind of otherworldly feeling to it. Looks lovely so far! I'm looking forward to it, and am tickled that I kind of have a presence in your work.

Behemoth media said...

Some of that dollhouse feeling might drop way when the actual characters are inserted and not those artist figures. You art is definitely going to be all over the manor, though it might change around a bit when I start getting into the animation. Our last film got some good feedback on the characters, a couple people actually noticed what I go for with them, a sort of stop motion quality. Oddly I thought the last one had less of that than the others!

T' said...

Cool! I can see a kind of 'Horror Rankin Bass' feeling being something to shoot for, too! As I said before, feel free to mine my archives for anything that might work. I think it's good you keep doing these.

Behemoth media said...

These are Poe stories, a new author for me, I do think I can have a totally different look to the characters if I can pull that off. If you get a chance, look up "Extraordinary Tales" a film of different animators doing Poe stories. Fall of the house of Usher is a look I'd love to be able to pul off. I doubt I can though.