11 November 2017

Kiwi in the Kitchen

I am as far as I can go with my next animation project until I have the voice work done, so I decided to make a simple character, something I've been thinking about a long time, for practice and to prepare and to keep in good form for the coming projects.

So this is a breakdown of the model, wireframe, textured and finally hair added. It's a kiwi bird if you didn't know already. I looked at lots of photos, skeletons, cartoon drawings and other animations to get inspired... but oddly I totally forgot what got me interested in the kiwi to begin with... this short animation which I think s brilliant!

I saw it years ago and honestly if I had remembered it, my version would have come out very different. Still I'm happy enough with mine for now.

I used the Character object in C4D for the rigging, they have bird template That was pretty simple to use as it's just a body with a hard and legs... no wings or arms or hands or anything complicated.

When done I made a little walk sequence.

Then took it little further and decided he should take a stroll in my kitchen.


T' said...

He's a pretty neat little character! Hair is quite floppy, full of shine. What does he wash it with? :"D He does slide a little on the kitchen floor, but otherwise, it's a neat effect!

Behemoth media said...

A friend in my 3D forum liked the sliding! he thought the floor was so shiny it looked slippery. He conditions, of course. maybe he will show up in our platypus animation series.