30 March 2018

Book Jacket project: Tarzan of the Apes

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This one came together very quickly. I knew I wanted to use the original cover art so I made a cleaned up version of that and also used the original text placement as inspiration for the book title and author name placement.

It is a very thick book, so the space allowed for more creative titles on the spine and remain readable. I also extended the green background into the back covers the text would be offset.


T' said...

The cover reminds me of a Arts and Crafts era print, something you might see in a textile or wallpaper. You've really boiled it down to its core on this one. Seems you're really enjoying this project!

Behemoth media said...

I am loving doing book covers, i wish i could have made that my paying profession! I knew a couple people that did only that, mostly for colleges but it was always interesting work to me. I took scans from the original cover art and reworked them in affinity Designer and I think it worked out really well. (pat myself on the shoulder.)