30 March 2018

Flickr post: what just happened?

So I posted a pretty standard image from the old port one morning a few days ago and got a message from Flickr saying 400+ people had seen it by the end of the day... and it kept going and going...

I have no idea why this happened. It's an OK photo, I actually have a few better ones of the same thing I posts months ago. I do have some images with many more views, but they are mostly of guys with no shirts or something and took years to accumulate those views.

I am not complaining, it's nice to get noticed, but too bad those 4300+ and counting views are not on one of my animations or documentaries. In that case, the chances of me getting some work from the attention might be dramatically increased. I just find this odd, this is as close as I get to viral anything. it doesn't look like anyone checked out any of my other photos on Flickr as a result so it's some sort of fluke I'm guessing.


T' said...

I can only guess that there was a news story about ferris wheels and a lot of agencies were looking for such photos? No idea. I have the same thing, though on a much smaller amount, with my portrait of Prince Harry. If I didn't label it, you wouldn't even know who it is but that's the one that's got the highest number of hits for me on Flickr. Weird.

Behemoth media said...

That is because prince harry is a hot, ginger, monkey faced boy!