11 April 2018

New Drawing - pole cleaner

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Another in my never ending acrobat series. This time I did it all in (digital) ink and painted under it in colour like I used to do occasionally with ink and watercolours on paper. It has a different feeling than my other colour stuff. I think. Hard to look a your work objectively!


T' said...

Lovely work! This must have been what you're talking about today. I think you could definitely do something like this, perhaps not quite this detailed on the iPad and Mac combined. Mixing digital tools has worked really well for me. And if it means you can make prints of any size and possibly any DPI, why not?

Behemoth media said...

The new iPad pencil compatibility is a good reason to get it, if only I could anytime soon! Even if it gives a real option for sketching while on the road, it's a good deal. Maybe some day.