06 April 2018

Book jacket project: Murders in the Rue Morgue and other stories

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Another one to work on from a small format hardcover I have had for decades and oddly enough... never thought to see what stories were in it. There is no table of contents so I added on on the inner front flap. Page numbers to come.

I decided on a long bio for Poe on the back since giving a resumé of each story wasn't going to happen. The photo is the typical one you see of Poe. I did some retouching and restoration to it and might do a little more.

On second thought- I found the above far too banal and predictable and went for something much cleaner. Tell Tale Heart is one of the stories in the book so I went with that for the artwork which I made in 3D. I like this one much better. Numbering the table of contents on the inner flap is a challenge because they start with a one digit number and progress to three digits making it look unbalanced. I changed 1 to 01 which helps a little.

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T' said...

I like the heart better, too. And I like the idea of the bio on the back as well. But re-check it; there's a word missing when you mention him going to school for something and there's a bit that's vague as well. What sources are you siting for this? It's always risky making statements about peoples' lives without footnotes. While I don't know a lot about Poe, I thought it was generally well accepted that he died of alcoholism related symptoms. Don't know that I like the 01 choice. But that's just me. Should probably read some Poe at some point.

Behemoth media said...

All the info for these pretty comes from wikipedia. I am not sold on the 01 yet either and might try another format I've used before instead. The alcoholism story of Poe's death.. that we found dead ona park bench too has never been verified, it's just part of his mythology now. You have NR+EVER read Poe? OMG! Some of his stuff is pretty gruesome, the Black Cat is is super disturbing to this very day. He wrote about ⅓ horror. 1/3 crime detective and ⅓ other but most people only know his horror stuff now.