08 May 2018

New Crow and cast of characters

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So this was another character I did some tests with then nothing but think he could be useful. Like Renarldo, I changed his rigging, changed him from 4 to 5 fingers and reworks his head a little plus gave him more expression.  He is a homage (rip off?) of a few designs done by Mike Luce in my 3D style for animations. I wanted him to be long and skinny to add a little variety to my stable of characters.

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Speaking of my stable of characters - I've been putting them in the header here and on my home/portfolio page. Maybe someone out there will find them interesting enough to get me some much needed work! 


T' said...

Just looking at the group together, I can't imagine what kind of kids' show this would be, especially with the doctor and big monster in the back! The circle in the background makes this feel like a sort of off-version of Loony Tunes, though I'm betting things in these cartoons are a lot more interesting! Good luck on the work; you've proven you can do it!

Behemoth media said...

I can't imagine trying to shoehorn all my characters into one show... might be an interesting one though. I have some human characters I like enough to update so Ill be working on those and sticking them in the logo as well.