07 May 2018

Renarldo - new version

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I made a little test film of this guy doing the Flashdance scene where the water drops on her head a few years back. I had lots of issues with the final rigging and as I animated, the rig got more and more out of whack.

In this version, he has the same head slightly modified and feet, but long pants, better shirt and arms with 5 fingered hands. I used the rig I have been using for Charles Webster Billingsworth the 3rd in the Dramatic Reading series so it's stable and flexible. This new version has a lot more controls and many more face morphs so he should be more expressive. His cheek fur uses the jiggle deformer for extra motion and his tail has a dynamic joint chain for the same reason.I used the Nitro4D eye plugins to make the eyes. The older ones were nice, I liked them but they didn't work as well and gave him a meaner look than I wanted.

Not sure what to do with him now, I want to do more varied cartoon work like the Dramatic Reading series but I'm sort of out of ideas right now on exactly what I want to accomplish.


T' said...

I have to admit; I don't get the feet. Is he wearing slippers? He's got fingers, why no toes? Then again, I know nothing about rigging so it could be a real pain in the ass. How about sneakers?

Behemoth media said...

I am not sure where I got the idea totally for the feet, they are stylized fox feet. Foxes have white paws and I think my idea was just to over exaggerate them. Toes can be fine if they move all at once, but if you want to have them move separately, like the fingers, it's another 10 controls to animate each frame. Since a lot of human/animal characters are human(ish) on the top and animal(ish) on the bottom (like many of the warner brothers characters) I didn't want him to be just a kids boy with a giant fox head.