27 May 2018

The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

I am well into production of my next gothic horror animated short, The Tell Tale Heart, my second Poe story. I have plans to do the Raven at a later date, maybe next year.

This one has three characters, I cut the number of policemen in the story from 3 to 1. Makes its more do-able for me and 1 is more than enough for what happens in the story. I got some feedback on the set designs at C4D Cafe from some of the members and I think that made them much better. I kept them very simple.

A couple challenges so far have been making the floor which needed to have several floorboards removable and the thin ray of light lipping through the slightly open door on to the face of the sleeping old man. I am also having some motivation issues getting it all done. It happens - you just feel like you are screaming into the void making these things at times.


T' said...

I can understand your frustration but in the end, you MADE something which is so much more than the vast majority of people out there can claim to do. And every piece makes you better and stronger. You and me together, separately making amazing things. Someday...I say, keep going. We have to make, let's make things we want to make.

Behemoth media said...

We are in the same boat pretty much, most of the time. But we keep going ahead which is something. I am doing an art exhibition on June 8-9 I don't think I told you about. I was asked to be in it with a bunch of other people so we will see how that goes. I keep being told to sell my acrobat prints on Etsy a lot lately (again). I can't figure it out or how I would actually get noticed to sell anything on it.