01 June 2018

Monsieur Charlo - drawing on Ipad(2018) with Apple pencil

So I did this last night an hour using the Apple Pencil on my new iPad and the mobile version of Sketchbook. I did take into Affinity photo on my desktop to do some refining, but not much. I was surprised how easy it as to draw on the iPad with the Apple pencil. My brother has one so i knew it was a nice drawing tool but all I had done was test a few brushes on his iPad pro, this was full drawing 15 x 15 inches. Monsieur Charlo is my neighbour's new puppy, though he won't get much bigger than he is now (3 pounds). He likes to come over to my side of the deck and play with our Dog Watson, steal his food and chase him around. It's too cute for words.

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