23 February 2019

Posters for festival entries

I have to make trailers and posters for 2 films I am currently tryiing to get into the HP Lovecraft film festivals. I woud love to get into at least one of the showings after all the work I've done these past years animating his tales of horror!  Will it work? Who knows? I can't help but think I am going about this thing all wrong. I discovered that Poe's works are also welcome and I just finished the Raven, so in it goes as well!


T' said...

I like the Raven one a bit better, partially as it's easier to see. The Dagon one represents the statue in the movie, as I remember though it's a little more vague for suggesting the subject. That being said, I think they work great as a pair. You can tell they're thematically connected. Here's hoping for you!

Behemoth media said...

I think the Raven is much more successfula s a poster as well. The other does convey a little of its story tough so I guess it's not too bad. The other three films I entered intothis contest were all rejected so I'm not sure how much luck I'll have. I think my stuff is unique in some ways from what I've seen gettig inot the festivals and I want to believe that counts for something!