23 March 2019

Dog and Weasel in production

My next little animated series is finally in production. I did a lot of pre-production work between other projects so I'm ahead on some of it. Thsi one will have quite a few challenges, the dog is one of the few times I have done a 4 legged creature and making him walk well will be something I have to learn. There is also some laser blasts going on. I did some tests and think I can make that work and look cool, but you never know until you try to put it in a real scene.

Mike Luce did the voice of the Jon Bellette, the weasel and also did the voice for a future "guest star" in the series, so I'm set up for at least 2 of these over the next few months! I am going a little more stylized/cartoon with this one.


T' said...

Looks cool so far! We'll see if my voice work fits the bill. It was the most tiring I've ever done which I think is a good thing? And challenges are also worth taking as they give us experience and make us better. Can't wait to see what you do with this!

Behemoth media said...

I am liking your voice in this a lot, the weasel could have had a larger mouth mabe to match it. I am using a few of you outtakes... be warned! At the moment I am in the part of the process where I HATE everythign form the first frame to all the frames yet to come. The laser blasts and smoke have worked out, I know more aobut those plugins than I thought and it went very smoothly getting a decent result.