20 April 2019

dessin: la roue

A new acrobat drawing after a little break from them. I used Affinity Photo to draw this from start to finish. I don't get the natural pen strokes I get in Sketchbookbook Pro but I might be doing it wrong in regards to the brush settings. I tried for a few years to get good reference images of this particular act, there are still a few more I want to draw even after 40+ drawings, eventually I'll get them all.


T' said...

There's some lovely color going on here, very nice gradations. Not your usual thing at all, as you usually go for line or stippling. Now I wonder what you'll do with Procreate!

Behemoth media said...

M. Wig! I am still unsure what I think of the face, but I was happy wiht it. I have not done a colour drawing like this in a long while. I still need to start my first procreate drawing! H ave it set up but there has not been time to do anything. Plus I did start adrawing in Sketchbook I should finish.