09 April 2019

Software plugin roundup - slightly impatient edition

C4D, in my opinion, needs a slew of plugins to work efficiently and some I just can't live without. Nitro4D has always ben a great recource for both free and paid workflow enhancements and recently I splurged on a few recently released one - Nitro viens, Nitro SVG and Notro relax. beins lets you draw vines branches and trees quickly and even has a way to make them move subltly as though blown by wind (I have osme project that I will need this for soon), SVG lets you import SVG files eaisilywhich avoids the problems importing AI files, exsprecailly since i stopped using Illustrator any more, and relax will square of your geometry which is super important when making things for animations.

X-particles, is an essential plugin as well and as I paid some pretty good money for a maintence version, I was worried there would be no updates bfofer my current contract ran out. Not to worry, they just has a new feature laden update which has a ton of improvements. I am still waiting for faster and easier smoke and fire. I like Turbulence Fd which integrates reall well with X-particles but i would like to have one plugin set up for those sort of things.

My impatience is the result of the wait fo the 1.7 updates of the Affinity line of software. Publisher has been  on the ocming soon list for so long, years in fact it's getting discouraging and it's release is holding up Designer and Photo it seems as they all use the format. The public beta for Publisher has potential and will beworth the wait miost likely but Photo has tome issues, like a crashing bug when when doing batch exports that won't be fixed until 1.7 and it's become a workflow problem. I am hesitant to use the betas for Designer and Photo for real work.

On the more fun side, I have been replaying the Myst saga since they were all released on Steam. They were not updated with new graphics but they they are still fun, if not frustrating at points. I still love the look of the worlds and thanks goodness for cheat sheet and videos online.


T' said...

There was a re-vamped version of MYST put out but it didn't include a Mac version, which really pissed me off as that's where the damned game originated. Even their new game isn't going to have a Mac version. They've turned their backs on the people that originally made them what they were. Common. Hell, Obduction only barely worked on the Mac when it first came out, and I helped Kickstart that. Glad you have new animation tools. They're way beyond my pay grade, so hats off to you.

Behemoth media said...

I have the updated Myst on my ipad, and I think the new game is going to be on all formats, that's what I read anyway. I was afraid it would only be VR. I don't think they can afford to ignore the MAC these days, they need to money form anywhere they can get it to keep going. I was hoping that Myt 3-5 would appear on the iPad, it's a good device for that sort of game but maybe converting them all to touch controls was too much effort. They did a great job with that on Myst and Riven,I thught.

Behemoth media said...

Just went back to the Firmament Kickstarter page.... fuck them. You are right they are NOT making a Mac version, early on I got an email saying they were, before the kickstarter... started.