10 June 2019

Imac 27 inch 2019 review

A few weeks ago my iMac from 7 years ago exploded. Seriously, it did while performing an update. So repairing it was almost as much as buying new so it made more sense to buy new. If you are going to lose thousands of dollars in one shot, buying a new Mac is one way to do it!

I almost bought a 21.5 inch to get faster processors but it wasn't worth the RAM upgrade and loss of screen space which I desperately need to do my work. I ended getting a bee model, 6 i5 processors and bought third party RAM - going me 40 gigs of it now.

There isn't too much to say about the upgrade... it's faster, the graphic card isn't a Nvidia so I am out of that weird Apple feud. For a week my Myst games even worked! (Then stopped again - the problem is with Cyan's port to the MAC, not the MAC OS for certain.)

Rendering in 3D has improved greatly. The 5K screen doesn't look any better than the old Retina one did except the icons and text is smaller looking. It's a plus overall despite the hit to the wallet and obviously, I needed to do it. There were changes in the ports, something that always bugs me. Can we keep a port connection for more than 5 months before dumping it for something else? It adds extra expense for new cables and adaptors and seems like insult to injury.

Transferring the info from the dead iMac to the new one was pretty easy thanks to me getting a hard drive just as a Time machine backup for the OS (my work files are all on a separate drive already) and it went really, really well.


T' said...

My 5k iMac is about five now, and is the first gen. It was a big difference for me, especially playing Diablo. Looked SO much nicer. Also, it's just faster than anything I had before, the screen's great for all sorts of movies and I have a 3TB drive because I can, and I store far too much crap on it. While I don't render, I'd like to think I can. Glad the transition went well, even if I wish you didn't have to do it. Enjoy!

Behemoth media said...

I hope yours doesn't explode like mine! :)
I did open Obduction and Quern on the new iMac and the movement was smooth and they looked amazing. Games do look amazing on it! You could render on your machine for sure. I have not had time to look at the new Blender 3D on this machine yet but I bet it's pretty smooth. Now to learn it for real and do a project with it.