24 August 2019

dessin/drawing : oiseau - Zoo Berlin

Yet another drawing on Procreate. I have very little idea what type of bird this is but I liked how it looked and thought it might make a nice drawing. It was taking seemingly forever to draw but suddenly - I was almost done. Funny how that happens.

This was an ink only, no shades of grey or colour project. Feels more like drawing on paper to me with those limits.


T' said...

Very cool! There's something to be said for using just the pen you did and not a more digital looking 'wash.' Lots of nice details. The more I do with Procreate, the more natural it feels. Do you think it feels the same?

Behemoth media said...

Now that I have my new tablet and started breaking it in today, I can access Procreate and the Apple pencil with more to compare it to. Procreate, over all is something I LOVE but i hav etc say, Sketchbook still has the most real looking and behaving pen brushes. You have a nice iPad pro while I have the base iPad which makes a pretty big difference drawing. mostly just in terms of layers and the occasional waiting for the iPad to catch up with me. Colour work, Procreate wins hands down and I like some of the drawing tools better. I did discover my new tablet works much better than the Wacom did in Affinity Photo!