15 August 2019

Sitges - drawing/dessin Procreate

This post is little different as I don't usually do more than show the drawings. This time I am including the layers in Procreate. Despite loving the Apple Pencil/Ipad/Procreate combo, I had planned to do this on the iMac with my tablet becuase it's easier to see and work with details. That was not be. I accidentally threw out the pen for the Wacom tablet after having it about 10 years, but not to fear! I have a back up tablet... that won't work with the new iMac it turns out. No new drivers since 2011. Buying a new Wacom pen is about 120$ CAD, buying a new Hurion (SP?) tablet is 105$ - a deal! Deal or not, I have no money for such things since the old iMac exploded and the dishwasher did too for good measure. So - to the iPad Batman!

As you can see I divided this into several layers. A pen and ink layer, which was going to be the final product until I decided to do a grayscale layer and add some textures. The textures were on another layer but not too visible on their own so I merged them into the tone layer for the blog. Like most drawings I am not sure if I love or hate this one. I went from dark foreground to light background to dive more a sense of depth. I ended up ignoring a lot of the lighting from the actual reference photo and changed/deleted some details I thought were distracting. I worked on this the last 3 weeks when I could, no rush.


T' said...

I like it. I think you're doing just fine with Procreate. I know we have different approaches. I wasn't utterly sold on the combo in the beginning, either, but the more I worked with it, the more I grew to love it. And Adobe is feeling the pressure. They're coming out with their own version of this, an addition to the creative suite which, I assume, you have to keep paying for forever. Up theirs. I tell you, make one image at a larger size to be printed, use a good, online giclee printing service and see the results. Every time I get a print in the mail I'm happy all over again. Anyway, really like the image. You did great!

Behemoth media said...

I have a very methodical workflow and even before computers it could be considered "layer based". The only issue with doing prints from digital to me if if you aspire to selling to gallery or fine art places as there is no singular, one of a kind original image to get that high value from. On the other hand, being able to sell multiple high end copies is more realistic for us. not that we are selling lots of prints or in high gallerys these days!

Just had some back and forth with my main work printing place bout Affinity Publisher and they are willing to work with me as they print from Pdf mostly anyway. So I might be able to drop indesign completely at some point like I have with photoshop and illustrator.

T' said...

I do NOT miss Adobe at all. While they may have paved the way, their greed is just gross. The people who make Procreate have made themselves THE main art program for the iPad and they did so while keeping their program very affordable. So good luck switching and not having to look back!