21 September 2019

drawing: barn in Vermont

Still working out the Huion tablet pluses and minuses. Overall it is a great tool and I think this is one of my best drawings in awhile. There is a bug where I have to adjust the parameters at the start of the day of the pen gets stuck in the upper left corner of the screen, which is annoying. Still have to do some colour work and see how that goes.

This was the family barn of a really nice guy, Wade, who gave me a ride to my destination when my Garmin GPS took me hours off course on a really hot day. I took a bunch of reference photos and never got around to doing a drawing until now. I wanted to do the clouds with line work as well, but that looked terrible so back to the old grey scale techniques. To get the natural look I wanted, I went trough my extensive collection of cloud photos and made a little composite to get something that worked with the ink drawing.

07 September 2019

HUION H610 Pro V2 Drawing Tablet

I got a great deal at Amazon.ca and replaced my broken drawing tablets with this one for 80$. Considering my Wacom was about 500$ and had a fraction of the sensitivity and about the same active drawing area, it seemed like a deal too good to pass up. The pen is battery less, something I look for in all things, and it came with extra nibs not just in the pen holder, but also in little bag as well.
*The photo above is the model I bought, I screwed up on the picture search and am too lazy to change it now. It's close enough. 

How does it hold up next to my former tablets? So far, really well. I did a quick (for me - 5 hours) drawing a Canadian Goose I saw on my bike ride last week as a test of how it works with pen work. I am very happy with the results. The only things I am not loving are that the surface of the tablet is a little slippery and the pen nib seems off, but these are likely just getting use to a new device problems.