12 October 2019

25 Year later - progress

Almost done with the set pieces now, two more left. On top you see the Montreal interior shot which is almost 100% my actual home studio space. Pretty easy to make since for ideas I just had to look up from my desk. Even the bike is in the same place my bike is in right now.

Below is the Montreal exterior which is about 60% my street and home exterior. So much so my spouse immediately asked.. "Hey is that our house?".  This shot had a problem of being well over 3 minutes a frame to render, even without the character or any animation in it. I decided to use techniques I normally reserve for inserting animation into a live action video. I render the scene with none of the things that will animated in it as a single his res image and use that on a background object. I delete everything except objects that will need to have shadows or reflections on them, in this case it was just the street and project the same background image onto that. This eliminates all the rendering that needs to be done for 95% of the shot as pretty much only an image is being rendered with a few other items. It's down to 3 seconds an image now. The tree has moving leaves and to save even more render time I might render that out separately and add it in After effects later.

I added another step, something I really wanted to try for a LONG time. I painted in some elements like flowers and a flower pot. Since the shot has no movement this allows even more detail without have to render even more complex objects . I think it works and I'm encouraged to keep doing things in this direction.


T' said...

These are both really cool. I recognized your studio right away and guessed at the exterior even though I've only been to your place once! You're doing amazing stuff with your interiors. They're this weird mix of realistic and kind of puppet at the same time.

Behemoth media said...

I like how they look but there is an element of a dollhouse or something. Scale is not spot on or something. I do think they work for my animations - I am not a fan of making animations look like real life entirely, unless it's an effects shot. The painting on the image opens up some possibilities. I have been watching another animator on YouTube who does 3D sets in C4D and then animates his 2D characters over them. I am less learning new things from his work but seeing it implemented in a project instead of just in my head is making me take more chances with what I am doing.