18 October 2019

More artwork

It's the 60th anniversary of the Twilight Zone TV show this year and it's another show I can not believe I did not think of before when doing this icons series. Rod Serling is a personal hero of mine, as much as I have heroes. Not just his writing and creativity, but his moral and intellectual stances are all things we should strive to integrate into our lives. His war experiences coloured everything he did afterword and he suffered that trauma by being a better person and giving us fantastic art with messages we can still learn from.

I tried to give the items in the illustration a glow, similar to what we would see on out black and white TV when I originally watched the show.

Another in my acrobat series. I like these leaping about ones where the performers seem to be floating in air.

I have been injured and pretty much housebound recently, hence all the art getting done.


T' said...

Very different styles! The Twilight zone one was instantly recognizable. I think the only way you could get the total feeling of an old TV is to have the scan lines somewhat visible and I'm not sure it would do anything good to the illustration. The acrobat is really well done, some very subtle stuff going on there, especially in his abs. You're really taking to that new tablet!

Behemoth media said...

I thought about the scan lines and even started to make them, then thought better of it. The acrobat I did Procreate! Except for the graphic element in the background, I did that in AP because I had no idea how ro make the shape in Procreate.