19 October 2019

25 Years Later: new animation test shot

Working out textures, camera move and all those butterflies. It seems to work overall. Some textures, like the street and brick walkway need some tweaking and the position of the butterfly swarms could use some more thought before settling on a final composition. The Goulding on the right is fully made and textured so it can be used in another shot as is the car which will play an important role when one of the characters sees his reflection in the window. This set might be used in 3 to 5 shots in the end. Again it based on the entry to the South West Corridor park on West Newton Street in Boston but it isn't supposed to be a recreation, just have all the basic details so someone who knows the area might pick up on it.

The bushes are 3D objects but the trees are all image cutouts on a plane as is the building in the back, which I drew in Affinity Photo.  I have to keep the poly count down so render times can reasonable. With that in mind, I restricted some shading effects like ambient occlusion on the butterflies and bushes. I don't really go for photo real look in my animation shorts... just real enough.


T' said...

I don't know the area but I can't tell that some elements are 3D and some aren't. The butterflies distract and, really, they're the focus. The drawing dummies are just stand ins, yes?

Behemoth media said...

I haven't made the characters yet, so I always use the standard artist dummy to make sure things are in proportion. I think in the right project, they could be used as characters though. I am thinking there are far too many butterflies overall... it's what I wanted so maybe just re-arranging them will work better. A few scenes lead up to this one so its an important shot to get right.