01 November 2019

drawing: balance 03

Affinity Photo.

Another in my acrobat series. I do think my hair is getting better and I am learning to be better at simplifying the details. I hated the bottom guy's pants in the event I took my reference images from and changed them a little here but they are still pretty ugly. I think so, anyway. I much prefer the kilt.

About 20 hours to draw from sketch to finished image.


T' said...

That's some amazing pattern work all around. They remind me a little of Kehinde Wildey's work. Look him up if you don't know him. Tough poses, too. Wonder if the kilt boy was wearing it traditionally or not. Looks like you're going for more color. Is that a new direction or just for this image? Nice work!

Behemoth media said...

Not wearing the kilt traditionally, sadly... where is authenticity in today's youth? LOL
It was tough getting the weight to look right. I have no idea what makes me do colour over black ink! I am working on another colour one in Procreate but I am changing my mind and might redo what I've done in ink.
I should try a landscape in colour. I want to do a pencil (digital pencil that is) portrait of my pal George in Boston, I love his face, but I won't be seeing him this thanksgiving. :(