24 March 2020

Abandoned Gay Village

Went out this morning with the tripod and was able to just take photos in the middle of the street with zero danger of a car, or even a person getting in the way.


T' said...

As I said when we talked, all very lovely. There are some great colors here. They feel more night than morning but either way. there's a stark beauty in the emptiness.

Behemoth media said...

There are still different light sources that look white to us but in a photo show up as different colours and to really makes night shots look wonderful I think. I also updated some plugins (they were on sale but still too expensive) that I had lost use of in Affinity but now are 100% compatible so I could reduce the low light grain and some other things to really get more out of shots like this. It was an "I'm depressed buy something I wouldn't normally" purchase.