30 March 2020

Acrobat plié - drawing in process

I don't really think anyone is all that interested in my process, but I have been posting more lately, both here and at Celluloid Slammer since it might give my 1-3 readers something to distract themselves for the current drama going on around us all.

The software is Affinity Photo which I find works well for my colour stuff. This is pretty typical of my set up. There is a blue pencil guide sketch to help me keep in mind the entire structure of the drawing. Under that are layers for the skin areas (head and arms, another is legs) and another with the clothing. I often work 100% in greyscale so I can recolour it later with HSL adjustments. It is easier for me than using coloured brushes. I think its because my background in physical paining is so limited and my pencil and ink stuff makes up most of my work. So it's unusual for me to have blocked out the red, black and white areas of the clothing. I just thought, given the extreme pose, it would be easier for me to visualize as I progressed.

I have not decided exactly how to do the tattoos, but I think on a separate layer and then using a blending layer to integrate them on the skin. The hair was black so I used pen techniques for that.

I think once the skin parts are done the rest will come together quickly. For some reason I have had luck with cloth folds and can do them fairly confidently. This was started a month ago and with all that is going on (including my dog dying) I just have not been able to focus on anything for more than a couple minutes at a time.

Small update below:


T' said...

Process is a big deal these days as we discussed over Skype. I think it's cool to see where things come from and, you never know, you might help someone else out in the posting! Thanks for showing this. One of these days, I might try and set up a camera to show me sketching because maybe someone wants to see that? Otherwise, Procreate's videos will have to suffice. Wish videos showed up here.

Behemoth media said...

Videos don't show up here? Not sure I understand. I am adding a newer image to the bottom of the post, I got some work done this morning when I got up at 4:30 that shows progress on the clothing layers. (I added in you voice work to the animation project - word on headphones it sounds weird and I can here you hitting the keyboard to record! Sounds better over the speakers. Thanks again for doing that for me! )

T' said...

When I try to post videos here, they just show up as still images. Can't make them play. Was the thing you posted here supposed to be a video?

Behemoth media said...

Oh! Know it is a still image! I post videos by copying the code to integrate a video from YouTube and posting here as HTML. It's pretty simple but it's exactly obvious on how to do it. Works fine for me!