31 March 2020

Homme plié - dessin/drawing

Not being able to sleep much has it's advantages. I finished this drawing this morning and I am pretty happy with it overall. I did not just adjust the greyscale to produce colour this time and painted with colour as well, especially for adding additional red tone to the skin on the face to show the blood rushing to his head.


T' said...

Excellent work, Vince! I think this is one of your best. Colors are nice and sharp. Wouldn't touch a thing.

Behemoth media said...

It is a super odd position to draw someone in.... which is why I did it, of course, I was afraid the tattoos would look all wrong but I think they took right. Once I started drawing this every day it went pretty quickly.

John Amodeo said...

Vince, your sense of realism has really gone up a notch or three. This is really sharp and almost photo-realistic. Your use of color, shadow and highlight creates a a figure almost in animation. I could imagine him about to move into the next position. I won't tell you what I think that is! ;) Well done. The extra detail of having the blood rush to his face shows true intent. I would exhibit this, maybe put it up for sale.