20 March 2020

Photos from a closed city

Montreal is closed down like many other places so I was able to go out during the morning rush time and take photos with no one, literally no one around. The underground corridors for the Metro were empty of everything except the sound of a howling wind. Where that sound came from as it's underground. 


T' said...

Those are rather haunting. I can totally see why you'd risk a little to go out and take them. Are there more?

Behemoth media said...

There are more, I could send you some. I am not all that worried to be honest. The situation is serious but many viruses and flus are serious and we live with that all the time. Plus there is no one around, I don't think the virus is going to jump out of a bush and into my eye or something!I am trying to think of another place to take photos. The plaza where the festivals happen was a possibility but there is a Cover 19 testing site there doing 2000 tests a day. That seems a place to avoid!