18 March 2020

Short intro project for my nephew

My nephew is home from university, like the ret of the world and asked me to do this 30 second animation for him so, of course, I did. Lighting was a challenge for some reason, I need to think more about making lightbulbs look like they should. I added little details like the fans move at different speeds and dust particles in the air but tried to keep it simple. There is a slight camera shake to keep it looking less mechanical.


T' said...

I think this looks cool! You do great interiors, lots of atmosphere. I hope he likes it. Also good that you're keeping busy during the current mess. I've barely lifted a pencil... yet. :D

Behemoth media said...

Get to work or your are FIRED!
He did like it but i have to say I have no idea what Tarkov is so I just made it from his description of what he wanted.