25 April 2020

dessin: Orignal (drawing: moose)

My nephew in Northern Quebec is building a house for himself and this will be his house warming gift. I had to source a few images of moose and combine them input something I wanted instead of taking photos myself for reference as moose are hard to come by in the gay village these days.  I exaggerated the shows and highlights to give more dimension to the image. Even with being stuck indoors all day with no work, this took three days to draw, mostly because fo all the fur.

Sketchbook Pro.


T' said...

Another amazing effort! I think the fur here is your best. I know I said that about the hair in the last one, but I mean it. Great image, really well realized. And don't count the moose out yet; they show up in Boston once in awhile and you're a good deal more north than that!

Behemoth media said...

I guess that could happen. Years ago a wolf wandered over the bridge and into the gay village. I saw him when walking Nomi and thought I just be mistaken. I think the using the dark and lights made this one have a nice third dimension to it, the antlers stuck out. At least I think they do.