22 April 2020

Dessin: Acrobat_Chute / Drawing: Acrobat falling

He wasn't really falling; in real life he was holding onto a pole with his legs. As I got into the drawing, I started to think that without the pole it was much more interesting and that the pole took away from his silhouette and robbed the composition of movement. This is all on one layer and almost all stipple work with the notable exception of his hair and a thin, solid line along his arms, shoulders and right side  to balance the solid blacks in his shoes and pants on the top of the drawing a little.

This is the fourth illustration I have done of this same performer. Sure he was hot and cute but he has a charisma about him and was really accessible looking for some reason. All in my head I'm sure but that's where most art happens, non?


T' said...

Ok, I don't want to hear any bull about no inspiration! This is really cool and I wholeheartedly agree with there being no pole. I don't know what it looks like with it, but there is definitely a free fall without it. Great hair! That's always a hard thing for me. I never get it right. Really nicely done, Vince. I agree; he's cute. :D

Behemoth media said...

This is the best hair I've done so far, I think. Of course I can't remember what brush I used in Sketchbook Pro to do it. Inspired? Not sure as it's pretty much more of the same subject-wise. Granted, it's a subject I LOVE to draw. The year will be weird... there will be no acrobatic shows this year and that is where I get my reference stuff from. :(
Maybe I can get some acrobat to pose for me privately in my studio. No - I don't care how creepy that sounds! Or even a yoga model would be nice, they have allot of the same sort of appeal for me for drawings.