16 April 2020

Spot: drawing/dessin (Krita test)

Since we are all inside for the rest of our lives, I decided to test Krita, the free open source drawing program. I have had it for a while but never tried a real project on it and if  there ever was a time - this is it.

The subject is a toy from my childhood I managed to hold on to all these years. Spot. The dog toy I received because I couldn't have a real dog at the time. Even though he has been loved to death... there is almost no fur left on him, he still seems real enough to me. Oddly having him still has helped me get through the death of my first dog and more recently it's nice to see him on my desk now that my dog Watson has passed away as well.

Krita performed fairly well, a few bugs and a few weird conventions to get used to. It does animation as well and I might try that out too some day. The brushes are really good! I don't paint so much but the drawing and inking tools were better than Affinity Photo but not quite as good as Sketchbook Pro. I did take it into Affinity photo to add some noise  text because I was frankly too lazy to see if I could do it in Krita alone.

The software is one of the open source softwares that seems to be in high gear to get better these days. Here is a sample of the new brushes they are going to implement soon... pretty amazing.

Because this was a test and of a beloved toy, I put a ton of detail into the drawing. It was a challenge to try and show the areas the furs had been rubbed off from years of being held and petted. I am not sure I succeeded in that but the it wasn't because the app was lacking.


T' said...

I think you did a smashing job! Looks exactly like the thing you showed me in our chat awhile back, definitely has that threadbare look. Not an easy challenge at all. What's this crap about you losing motivation? Looks like you have it to me! Are you going to do the other toy as well?

Behemoth media said...

The other toy is i worse she, I'll need to find some way to prop it up enough to get a good reference off it, but i think I will. That one really creeps people out. I really am having a problem getting motivated. I am forcing myself to do things but I find myself just staring at the screen for hours wishing my dog was on my lap.Sometimes the interruptions are just constant, seriously - a question every five minutes for hours on end. Then I can't find the energy to do anything.

T' said...

I'm really sorry for your loss. When we lost our cat, which is now like 5 years ago, it took me a really long time to get used to not having my 'couch buddy.' She was my first real pet, she was my cat (Tyler fed her but she was his vet), she greeted me when I came home, loved to sit in my lap, leapt on the bed to say goodnight every night. It was really hard. But time and life smoothed the corners eventually. I'd love to have another cat but there's too much FISH going on here and Tyler is allergic, vet or no. Vince, I hate to say this but... you never seem to say anything positive about your relationship. Is there anything?