17 May 2020

More 2001 posters

I couldn't help myself. The Aries shuttle, the round spaceship, I sent three days building myself. I had a model of it in my folder of collected 3D models, but I really didn't like it. It is still not all it could be and I might go back to it and maybe a few of the others and improve them as sort of a hobby.

MY idea was to get a striking image of each ship and I rendered a few options for each and hopefully picked the best ones.

Click on images to see more details.



T' said...

These are awesome as well! The only thing I wonder about is why there are no people visible in the cabins when you went to so much trouble to render the insides? It makes things feel a little lonely? Otherwise, very striking! That stark black and white with a slash of color tells you right where to look.

Behemoth media said...

I kept going back and forth on whether and how to add people to the shots where they might be seen. I thought they might distract from the ships, but also you hit the nail on the head - loneliness. I think of this as a very lonely, isolated film. The few characters there are are apart from everyone else in so many ways. I went as far as to source some images of the inside of the cabins from the film to maybe use them but in the end loneliness won. Oddly, I don't remember ever feeling lonely and that might be why I am attracted to this film so much.