14 May 2020

2001: A space Odyssey poster series

I had an itch to do something with 2001, one of my favourite films but didn't think doing one of my icon drawings would work. Instead I imagined a new set of posters and used information from the original posters such as the studio logos and the credits. I decided not to use the two tag lines on the 60's posters... too wordy. I wanted to really highlight one element and make it front and centre. I used 3D models - positioned and lit them instead of trying to find and alter images from the film. This way I was able to get exactly what I needed. I felt they needed an insane amount of detail. The star field is real, I took it in Colorado a few years ago.

Not all of these work as well as the others but I decided to show all 4 just for comparison.  The first two are my preferred images. The second are sort of runner ups, but I like them and put a good amount of effort into all of them.

Click any image to see more detail.



T' said...

These are fantastic! You obviously did a LOT of work on the models, it shows and it pays off. For my money, the three that work the best are 1,2 and 4 (space station, Pan Am rocket and HAL). They're the most iconic, simple and stark. You really DO have to click as there's some great detail you cannot see at all in the smaller versions. My favorite might be the Pan Am as it's in diagonal and is a stronger composition, but the other two are kind of perfect. LOVE the 60s MGM logo there, too! Well, well done!

Behemoth media said...

I had to redraw the logo but it was worth the extra time.I have been collecting 3D models of the sips from the movie, modify them, or making them myself.I weirdly spent a lot more time than one might think making HAL. The PAM AM is the most dramatic,I love the design for that ship. Theres still the Aries shuttle and the Moon shuttle but I'm not sure I'll do more. Yah, I'll probably do more.