10 May 2020

Icon Illustration: Forbidden Planet

I was inspired to draw this after listening to the Forbidden Planet episode of Max, Mike, Movies!  awhile back and finally got around to doing it. It actually came together much more quickly than I thought. It took a few hours to draw Robby the Robot but the rest of the elements had less details than I remembered. This was all done in Affinity Designer so it's all vector illustrations. I looked at some hand drawn pencil drawings used for the ID monster animation (done by Disney Studios) and added some extra attention to the eyes. I drew it in pencil in Affinity Photo and then vectorized it to keep the rougher look it had in the film. Robby is mostly just a series of basic shapes, but tons of them with gradient fills to make them look 3D.


T' said...

Wow! I'm amazed we inspired anyone to do anything! Pretty cool, Vince! I know it was really the movie and we just reminded you but it's all around pretty cool. Thanks for the plug and for sharing the image!

Behemoth media said...

I think the movie is fine, it's not one of my faves of all time but the enthusiasm you guys had for it was catchy!