03 June 2020

2001 poster series fixes

As mentioned before, the 2001 models I had found were lacking in some ways. Some had issues with the texture maps which was where most the of the details were and other just lacked details. While I am still not trying to be super faithful to every details, it did bother me that a couple of the images were just too simple and slapping on a bump map did not really get the images t where I wanted them. So I kept some elements and made over from scratch others. On the Discovery it was mostly changing the textures and making the main control sphere and the reactor and engines myself. With he Moonbus, it was a matter of adding a ton of details that were lacking. I watched the film again and it then could not just let my fun project stay as it was.

The top image you can see I added a ton to the rear of the sip, there was almost nothing there before which was why I opted to show only the front. For the front - here is a before and after, I think it's improved. It could probably still use some details from inside the cockpit but I think the blue light is better than the yellow.

The Moonbus had many more details than I remembered and so I added a lot more into the existing model. Not sure anyone would notice but me but since these were for me, that was enough to get motivated to do the extra work.


*Star Wars got a little love as well.


T' said...

For some reason, the new Moon Bus poster doesn't have a larger version and I really want to see it closer!

I totally agree about the new Discovery with blue. While I like the yellow better as a color, the detail seems far less random then did the original. I really like the new, from behind Discovery but you HAVE to magnify it to really appreciate it. The engines fall into utter darkness in the thumbnail but when you blow it up, there's some great depth in the engines even though they're dark. I like the angle of the new moon bus as well. More dynamic! And you already know what I think of the new Death Star. :D

How's your new studio helper? :D

Behemoth media said...

OMG you are right! I'll send you an image to day. These do really need to be seen large. I have some new tools to play with so future projects should be much better. At the moment I started a model of the Galileo 7 from Star trek.Th original Trek series is next not just because of the ship but I think the phaser and tricorder would be cool as well.

(SO puppied out! I rode the bike 3 ½ hours and night do the same today but I'm pooped!)