10 June 2020

Star trek poster series - maybe.

Here is a test for a Star Trek series of posters like the others.  If I go on with it, it will have more info, the Desilu logo and some other poster stuff. The shuttlecraft I made form scratch but the enterprise is a simple 3D model I found online and will likely replace with one I make myself.  I like the colour scheme... it's sort of something you might see for toys and it less somber than the 2001 and Star Wars posters.  These 60s Trek ships have more details than I remembered. I might try making new one sin Blender as part of my "learn Blender" effort.

The logos and Shuttle art was all drawn in Affinity Designer and exported to the appropriate format for texturing if needed.

The Klingon ship was just one I found and seems a little more detailed than in the first series but looks nice. Could end up making this myself and a Romulan as well.


T' said...

The shuttlecraft, especially from scratch is pretty cool! The text, "Go Boldly" and "Starring" is a little dull and feel more 70s than 60s. Maybe these are covers for novels that never came out? :D The Klingon ship is from the movies which is why it looks different. The original design was as smooth as the Enterprise, so if you're wanting to keep to that aesthetic, I'd try and research the original. I have a photo or two of it if you like, though not all angles. The light blue background is something I'm not sure of. On one hand, it works for that 70s feel, on the other, the show takes place in space. :D I leave that up to you. Good work!

Behemoth media said...

Yeah that font doesn't seem right for the period, It doesn't have to be period but it should have some connection to that time. I think I'll make the ships myself in Blender as practice. They are simple enough to be a good practice project. I have some of the old "Blueprints" that might help me with the modelling. Right now it's all puppy pee all the time in my house! I have to make time for these projects somehow!