14 July 2020

Goslings - drawing

Drawn in Procreate on the iPad Pro.  Referenced from several photos I took on my standard 65 km ride along the river and canal one morning. Lots of white space at the top to hopefully emphasize how small they were. 


T' said...

Just as nicely drawn as the last one! Seems you're really getting into Procreate. Honestly, I don't think there's been another program ever for the price that can compete.

Behemoth media said...

I would have to agree, though the last one was done in Sketchbook Pro! The ink pens in Sketchbook are amazing but the colour stuff is not as good as procreate. As I play with the new brush adjustments in Procreate they show a lot more promise. Sketchbook has a desktop version so I can go back and forth but with the iPad pro that is become something I am less likely to do.