30 July 2020

Moons of Mars - short doc project


I have been working on this slowly for a long while, collecting textures from NASA and information to make an under 2 minute doc about the moons that go around the planet Mars. I posted this earlier with narration by me and then couldn't live with my voice on it so changed the narration to text which works much better.  Third times the charm? I redid the shot of the three moons since the proportions I had were very far from the actual ones. 

I might make series of these about different space subjects that interest me and can be boiled down to under two minutes. 


T' said...

What a neat little film you snuck in there! You didn't mention this at all! Sorry if I missed this: my computer has been in the shop for a week, just got it back and fully restored today. This is very cool. It's a nice little educational movie. I can see why you'd go for the text instead of the narration, not because of your voice but because it feels more 'official,' or 'educational' or something. There's also something about seeing measurements instead of just hearing them that makes them easier to digest. Well done! Nice film! I can easily see you doing more of these!

Behemoth media said...

It was one of those... "I should work on that thing today" projects that finally got to point it was do it now or just forget about it. I have been collecting textures for the planets for years so it was good to put them to use!

What happened to your computer? I have been seriously thinking of selling my iMac to get the i9 processor version to decrease my rendering times but I am not exactly getting paid work so it seems a little excessive to end up 2 grand in debt just for my own projects.

T' said...

My machine turned six this years and it was totally fine and then the next day it was all wonky. Hard drive failure. All things considered, it was a pretty painless deal; 250 bucks and a few days. Because I keep good backups, restoration was pretty perfect. In 30+ years of running Macs, this is only my second hard drive problem.

I think the movie turned out great. Certainly something to go in your real for possible TV work. :D

Behemoth media said...

6 years is often the turning point for my machines, especially with all the 3D rendering I do. I would prefer that Apple went back to machines you could upgrade more easily, at least for basic stuff like graphic card, drives and ram. The products last a long time but these days we need to be able to find ways to waste a lot less of the computer and not just buy a new one until it's really impossible not to. The few people who have seen this little doc seem to think it's more complicated than my other stuff... I think people are confused that because Mars is a huge plant in real life, it's just a ball with a texture on it in the computer!

I actually have another project under way I hope you will like, but I am keeping it under wraps because it might just fail miserably!