12 August 2020

Nautilus first haircut at 5 months - illustration

This was not the funnest drawing. the subject kept finding ways to reach my Apple Pencil, no matter where it was and chew on it. this happened 4 times. the third time he seriously damaged the pen and I could use it but barely. the 4th time he just mangled it and I had to switch from the iPad and Procreate to the iMac and Sketchbook pro to finish it. 

The eyes and ears had to be redrawn a couple times to get something I liked and get an expression I thought looked natural. It is detailed but I sued a thicker pen size than normal and didn't use my typical technical pen setting but a more fluid pen nib. 

I thought this would be a nice compagnon piece to the the 4 month, pre-haircut portrait as he looks like a different dog now. 


T' said...

Regardless of the trials in making it, I think it came out great! He's a cutie. NO idea why he'd want to chew the pencil so much. Best to keep it away in a drawer when not using it as it's too damned expensive to replace too often. Can't tell this was made with two different programs. Well done!

Vincent-louis Apruzzese said...

I don't know why he would go so far out of his way to get it either! I have the new one now and it works fantastic but I haven't even started anything with it because I am terrified of it getting eaten like the last! I am getting n the mood to do a human portrait again some point. Most of them wouldn't eat my pen!