27 September 2020

Still taking photos

 It's not been easy getting out to take photos since I still can't really go many places and the areas near me seem all photo'd out. I did see a wonderful sunrise one day on my bike ride and didn't have a camera with  me, but took one the next day which was not as spectacular but still very nice. 

So this is a building going up on the other side of the Saint Lawrence River. It was a challenge to get it looking right with the back lighting and to get that - I want to say metal look of the structure. 


T' said...

I think it's quite lovely. I especially like the fact that the light is more yellow and not so orange. Seems to me that your eyes is as sharp as always. Sometimes it's not what the photo's of, but how it's taken. You and I are opposite; I tend to go for the details, you tend to go for the bigger picture. Which is cool and proves that photos are not simple, obvious or all the same. Very nice work!

Behemoth media said...

I guess that is true and I might in drawing you go for bigger overall look and I am all detail, all the time. I really loved taking portraits for many years but that dried-up and no one wanted me to do it anymore so moved more to objects and landscapes with little to no people in them.