01 October 2020

Leaf pencil sketch

 I was hoping to have many pencil drawings done after I got 2 drawing pads in January. I want to go back to the pencil and paper basics more often because I think it helps me draw better and takes me off the computer for a while.  This is only my second sheet drawn on since then so it's not going so well but at least it's going. 

The puppy dragged this leaf in with him and I threw it on the drawing table and gave myself 15 minutes to draw it. I am not sure that ebony pencils, which I've used since I was a teenager work so well for me anymore. they are nice and dark but really smudge and lose sharpness quickly. 


T' said...

You and I did a similar thing today; I brought out my old ink and brushes and gave Inktober a try. You know what? I've lost my inking edge and really like what I can do with the iPad better. That being said, I use pencil and paper a lot more these days. I remember ebony pencils well; just like you say, nice and dark, smudge like crazy. I went for harder pencils and now use the 2H for the most part. I like your sketch! It feels natural and likely has a good amount of observation in it, always a good thing. Good for you flexing out some, too!

Behemoth media said...

Great minds think alike.. and we do too I guess.
I was thinking of your ink and brushing this weekend! I made my alcove in the hallway into a built-in (I will send you a photo) and that is where I display the double sided rabbit drawing you gave me, so it was a good excuse to flip it to the other side and I was just super I press at how smooth and clean your lines are.