18 October 2020

Another leaf illustration

 I picked up a couple more leaves, to see if I could paint them in a way you can see they are 2 different leaves but the same type of leaf. They look too flat to me as did the last one. I did add a lot more detail into the veins and tried for more variations in the red of the leaves adding yellows, greens and oranges here and there to keep it from look too monochrome. I also added a background to compliment and accentuate the reds. A step ahead? Maybe I should switch to something else and see how that goes. 


T' said...

I don't think they look flat at all! And I think they are even better than the last one. Really well done! Keep going!

Behemoth media said...

I am working one one more, but using Krita to see how that goes. If it goes poorly I have saved the sketch as a Photo file too to avoid having to do it over again. I kind of like these.