15 October 2020

Leaf - watercolour - Affinity photo

 I wanted to go far from my comfort zone with this experiment. I am not really happy with my latest drawings so I tried using the water-colour brushes in Affinity Photo instead of drawing brushes. I didn't really capture the detail of the real leaf. I simply don't have the painting skills for that. I used multiple layers to build up colours and mixed them now and then with a mixing brush so they would bleed into each other more. In short, I really have no idea what I'm doing and thought this might loosen me up more and maybe give me some confidence to move into some areas of art I have been hesitant to try. 


T' said...

I hope it did give you some confidence because I think it's really cool. Maybe it's not photo-perfect in microscopic detail, but it has the FEEL of a leaf. It's sincere, it's observed and it's well colored. Keep going. We never get things right the first time, but you're make it feel like you did!

Behemoth media said...

I do think it has the feel of a real leaf, mostly because of the colours. I have no idea how to paint details in watercolour it turns out. Maybe I'll try another leaf while they are still all ove rthe place.