27 December 2020

2021 demo reel


 It's been a tough year, really tough for me and everyone else in the world. If you need or know anyone who needs animation, graphic design, motion graphics, editing please, PLEASE get in touch with me to work something out! 

View my portfolio site at:



T' said...

It looks great, but you lead with me! That's going to ruin your chances! Seriously, I hope you get some work, Vince. You do a hell of a lot! Very productive, regardless of world situation.

Behemoth media said...

I actually forgot to add a project I worked on but never came to fruition this past year so I might have to update this at some point. It used isometric design in 3D which is sort of style people gravitate to now and it is pretty fun. I need a better way to displayed 2d graphic design wotk!