22 December 2020

Poster project: Nosferatu


I seem motivated by monsters these days. When I get an idea and the urge to realize it I'm trying just close the door to the studio and work until I'm done. I started this one a day ago but did about 7 hours on it today. 

I used Krita again, the charcoal brushes and went through a restored version of the film frame by frame for reference images. I didn't really find a single pose I liked and so I made one up using 2 main images as references and the famous stairway shadow as inspiration for the background. I skipped his hair over the ears, I know it's in the film but it always sort of bugged me so I guess I used a more "modernized" version of Nosferatu. The last few decades that little patch of Brillo pad hair over his ears is usually forgotten favour of totally shaved head. 


T' said...

You did NOT make things easy on yourself, did you? I know that the footage is not sharp and rarely in good shape. You're doing things I do; using less than stunning reference material! That being said, you did a fine job. Monsters really seem to be a passion for you. Why not do a series?

Behemoth media said...

I have wanted to do a classic monsters series for years. I started with the Wolfman because I foolishly thought wolf=dog-like= =I draw lots of dogs=should be easy! After failing a bunch of times I just gave up. In many ways I was inspired by looking at those gorgeous covers on Famous Monsters of Filmland. I might try Creature from the Black Lagoon next because that costume is done of the best ever. I would like to try something in colour at some point sort of how those covers were colour representation from black and white movie characters.