18 December 2020

Poster: Monster Zero

Otherwise known as King Ghidorah. I had a nice long chat with my my friend Mike today about art and other things and I was inspired enough to do another giant monster poster.I had been planning this for a few days so it didn't just happen out of nowhere, but my ideas came together and I thought I should strike while I was in the mood to create something. 

The title took longer than I thought. I tried it in 3D but there were all sorts of problems getting the textures right. (I wanted it to be made of rock for some reason.) In the end I went with just using Affinity Designer and adding more subtle  effects to the text.  *EDIT: I could not help myself and did more work on the 3D titles and solved the problems I was having.)

I struggled a bit with the lightning rays... should i do them or not. They seemed over the top so in they went. I used the sort of style I did for Godzilla but with three heads, two tails and wings Ghidoraj was much more dynamic. Again I went through movies to find references but I also discovered some of the toy figures and studio publicity photos had ideas I could mix and match. 

This looks like comic book cover to me but I think it makes a good poster as well. 


T' said...

I especially love the silhouette and scant detail in gold on Ghidorah. The lightning works. The text isn't my favorite but it feels professional, almost like a new, re-release of the movie on Blu-ray or something similar. Very cool! And when we talked, I thought you were just planing it. Imagine my surprise when I see it done! Cool!

Behemoth media said...

Imagine my surprise to realize I had finished it already! The test is pretty modern but the more I think about it the 3D text made of stone I was thinking of might have worked less well. Maybe Toho will be so enamoured with my work (because, of course, they read my blog religiously)and hire me to illustrate a 4K rerelease of all their films! Or I'll do a few more and 3 people will look at them.

T' said...

I always have the dream where someone suddenly comes upon my work and it leads somewhere. There are so many artists in the world. And maybe it will happen. In the meantime, we both keep making and growing. That's important, too. I think the change in lettering makes a big difference and I like it a lot better. Cool!

Behemoth media said...

I think if I won the lottery, having my work get seen by someone who could do something with it would be pushed almost out of my mind. I could jsut do my stuff and care less about having to "justify" the effort if that is the right term by making money to support doing it. I have been so stressed and jsut doing these last two goofy posters has calmed me down considerably. So that's my plan - win the lottery! It's foolproof!