15 May 2021

Another fish illustration

This one took longer and was harder to  figure out... I didn't really get the scales as defined as I would have liked. Something I still need to get my head around. Fish are hard, the skin is multi coloured and shimmers especially this kind of fish so it is a challenge to get it even close to looking right. The reference photos I used is below for comparison. The photo wasn't great, to be honest I don't know why I had not deleted it from my files - but it was a nice subject to practice with. I might have used it as cut in some animation project but I really do not remember. Adding the deep blue made the illustration look much more vibrant


T' said...

It's lovely. You really captured the fluidity of the fish. Never tried scales. Might be you could try one more layer and do some line work in a color slightly darker than the darkest gold here? Don't know but I think these exercises are doing you good!

Behemoth media said...

I think that technique you mentioned or something close might be the solution. I did dragon scales that way once and it might work here too. I also just couldn't see some obvious in hindsight patterns in the scales I could have used