28 May 2021

crapaud (illustration)

 I came across a toad on my bike route and the thing was just not going to move for anyone so I took some reference photos to draw from. I used the my new iPad Pro and Sketchbook Pro. I still like the pen brushes in Sketchbook - especially when doing stipple work which most of this is and it's the reason it took almost 2 weeks to draw. I used a grey background so I could use a white pencil brush to add highlights and a watercolour brush for the shadow. 


T' said...

He looks great! Or she. Can't tell. I think the midtone background works really well. Nice detail and mood of the toad. You could do a series of these, too.

Behemoth media said...

I would need to come across more toads in the middle of the road! Most I see are, well... dead. I would love to get some images of foxes to work from. I see them fairly often but they are not exactly hamming it up for the camera and keep a distance. I really like the grey backdrop and with pencil highlights on an ink drawing for some reason. Thanks Mike!