21 August 2021

dessin/illustration: flamant des Caraïbes

From my recent visit to Zoo Granby. I haven't really painted birds much and doing the feathers was interesting. The reflection was a challenge as it's so loose and the water as well. I am not known for my "loose style" of anything. I worked on this at 400% magnification so many details won't be visible unless it's a large file or in a good print, but that is my typical magnification when working. 

I used Krtita, I wanted to wait until the new version is released but that is going to be September and I have plenty to draw before then. 


T' said...

I think the water is particularly successful here. The bird is great, don't get me wrong, but the gradation of color and highlights works really well. Limited palette was a good choice here, too. That pink REALLY stands out in a good way. You know where you're supposed to look but there's just enough context as well. Interesting that you work so zoomed in; I try to as little as possible, though when I'm doing shapes, that's a lot easier. Very nice, Vince! Would make a good print were you to do another show!

Behemoth media said...

I used the palette knife brush to do the water effect and was really pleased with the result. I can't help but zoom in, my paper drawings were all done with a magnifying glass near by!