14 August 2021

Nathan & pascal 07 : illustration/colour

 This took a while and was a good challenge. Not sure it is what I was going for but to be honest I didn't have a strong plan to start with. I am happy with the hair which I seem to be getting better at and the rock they were on top was interesting to do. This was painted in Krita and I used the recently released crayon brushes to give the rock a rougher feel. I played with a solid background but in the end decided on textures because I think they make the acrobats stand out more. 

Krita is on the verge of a big update with rewritten brush engine and a ton of other things so I almost wanted to wait to do this, but I have several other projects of them in the pipeline so no real reason to wait.  I am also having a new iMac that should be substantially faster and more powerful delivered next week so I'll be wanting to see how Krita performs on that after it's update. 

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T' said...

This is pretty cool. I admit, I wish I could see it closer. When I click on it, it actually gets smaller! It must be hard trying to decide what to use as background; too much 'real life' and you lose the acrobats. Not enough and you lose context. I think you have a good balance here, pun intended between the two. Very solid figures, nice textures. How do you feel about color work vs. black and white? I hope youloce your new computer! I'm digging mine!