02 August 2021

drawing/dessin: suricate Afrique


A trip to the zoo with my 2 year old nephew let me take some reference photos of animals I might not see while riding my bike around Montréal, including these guys. 

I used Sketchbook Pro on the iPad pro as I was reminded about it recently by reports online that has left Autodesk and is now an independent application run by artists. It has been free, but will now be paid. It will be pretty cheap and it's great they will continue to develop and improve it. 

The drawing itself is nothing to brag about. I haven't drawn in a while and I did a photoshoot with some acrobats for future art and felt I needed a "warm-up".  This came together in just a few hours. 


T' said...

They are cool, and it's always good to keep in practice. I will stick with Procreate as it's become not only my main art program but I still have to teach it occasionally at work. :D Still looking for those acrobats you saw recently!

Behemoth media said...

I started an acrobat drawing yesterday! I am using Procreate for that one. Procreate is more useful for different types of work so I think I will eventually end up using it on the iPad and Krita on the computer. I still like the pens in Sketchbook but noticed the hand rejection was not so great this time out. It's not terrible to have an embarrassment of choice of drawing programs!